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Patterns and habits shape our lives. The big question is, are our lives better with every pattern or development? That is the essence of my effort in this work.

Welcome to the thrilling and continuously developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) domain. Fundamentally, the technology of AI enables machines to learn, think, and make informed judgments similarly to humans. With its swift progress and inclusion in nearly all areas of our lives, AI has become a groundbreaking advancement that has the potential to profoundly modify the way we dwell, perform, and socialize with fellow individuals. Nonetheless, additional worries exist concerning artificial intelligence's ethical ramifications and possible dangers.

In this book, you will discover problems ahead, but humans must brace themselves to live with machines as partners.

Read this book if:

  • Headlines about job lay-offs due to artificial intelligence bother you.
  • You had set your eyes on retirement before the advent of artificial intelligence swooped in on all of us.
  • You are concerned about the impact of artificial intelligence on society.
  • You believe that artificial intelligence is too complex for people to comprehend.
  • You fear that artificial intelligence will replace humans.
  • You fear that artificial intelligence will take over the world.


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