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How Women Are Rewriting The Career Rules

There is an old-age notion that women are limited to specific career paths, industries and can only go so far on their career journey. That notion is gradually bowing out because women increasingly take up careers in previously male-dominated industries, such as engineering, technology, or finance. Women are also venturing into nontraditional career paths like the military and construction. They are not stopping there as they continue challenging the status quo on how far they can go in their career journey. Women advocate for equal education opportunities, equal pay, and leadership roles. 

Women in male-dominated industries: Until the turn of the 19th century, as the Industrial Revolution began, women in America were stay-at-home moms. By mid-1800, about 10% of women ventured into jobs outside the households. The trend has continued ever since, and so has the travail. The early working girls had their career paths designed for them but not by them. Women specifically could not work in specific industries. That is changing in most parts of the world, especially in the United States of America. Women are breaking into the sciences, finance, and technology, and they are excelling too. The first computer programmer was a girl named Countess Ada Lovelace. By breaking into these male-dominated industries, they are proving their worth and inspiring future generations of girls to pursue their passions without limitations.

Women in nontraditional career paths: Women are also breaking into nontraditional ones. There are now a few good ladies in the military. There are many women fighter and commercial pilots. Career paths like construction, entrepreneurship, and sports have welcomed more women, defying societal expectations. Not only are women embracing these nontraditional career paths, but they are also impressively proving that their capabilities extend beyond conventional roles and challenging outdated stereotypes. For instance, Madam CJ Walker walked her way as a farmhand in the United States to becoming a female self-made millionaire as an entrepreneur. Girls have worked their way to space. In 2012, a Harvard Business Review showed that women in leadership positions are ranked slightly higher than their counterparts in competence, yet far fewer women are in those positions. Their success in these fields is a testament to their resilience and determination to forge their paths, irrespective of societal expectations.